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My wheelhouse: art, design, health, tech, politics and pop culture. Award winning writer + feminist scholar. #Binders

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Holler and Squall | Brooklyn Heights Blog

Holler and Squall: Things Unlimited at 71 Atlantic Avenue just opened their doors for business at the dead end of Atlantic Avenue. I’d been walking by and loved the name, peeked into the windows, and ...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

The Waterpod has landed on Pier 5

“The Waterpod is a sustainable, sculptural art and technology habitat, with 4 artists living on and off it, generating food, water, and power in a contained and self-sufficient environment,” and now i...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

This is Brooklyn and he lives in the Heights

On Atlantic Avenue. He’s a big dog, Great Pyrenees, weighing in at 92 pounds and not even two years old. But don’t let that fool you— recently, upset because he’d been left at home alone, he leapt over ...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Artwalk brings free art and music for cultural celebration

The weather was warm, the music was lively, and people carpeted the avenue like apple blossoms. Oh, and there was art. Lots of it. Paintings and sculpture on tables set up on the streets, on gallery w...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

This week in 11201 Arts and Culture

Image provided by Scene: Brooklyn Film Series
The Brooklyn Arts Council presents Scene: Brooklyn, Independent Film and Media Arts, a new film series that celebrates our thriving film community, and fe...

Brooklyn Heights Blog

The Hunchback of Atlantic Avenue

Whenever I saw him, I’d think: There goes the hunchback of Atlantic Avenue. I’d always see him on the same corner, day and night, fair weather or foul. He reminded me of a goblin. Sometimes, he was sw...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Africa Comes to Brooklyn Heights

Image courtesy of El Anatsui and The Museum of African Art
The Museum for African Art and BRIC Arts/Media/Bklyn present El Anatsui: Process and Project from March 25th to May 2nd. The BRIC Rotunda Gal...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Concert by the Light of the Moon

Last week, I attended Smack Mellon’sPress Play First Thursdays Series. Scary cold outside, but the inside of their newly renovated space on the Brooklyn waterfront in DUMBO with ceilings that soar 35 ...

Brooklyn Heights Blog

Incident on State Street | Brooklyn Heights Blog

I called the city’s 311 hotline today because early this morning a woman slipped and fell on the ice. When I got there she wasn’t moving. Her husband didn’t have a cell phone. He hovered over her, squ...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

New Music Bake Sale and a Little de Sade on the Side

Ensemble de Sade
After weeks of cold and rain, it was the first perfect day of spring; Friday, April 17th. The trees were in bloom. The sidewalks were crowded with people, and the sun was shining. I m...

Brooklyn Heights Blog

One More Story About Nicholas “Nicki” Hernandez: Maybe He Wanted to Watch the Sun Come Up

A funeral home may not be a typical neighborhood hangout, but that’s Brooklyn. We were a strange trio in the last days of this cold winter on Atlantic Avenue. Nicki, Ronnie and I at Heights and Hill F...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Pratt Institute’s 3rd Annual Green Week: March 30-April 4

A solar powered musical performance
Don’t miss out on Pratt’s Annual Green Week Celebration. This year’s program includes gallery exhibits, competitions, talks, films, hands-on activities, and much, m...

Brooklyn Heights Blog

Reading at Bookcourt on June 1st, Because I Love Her

It is probably one of our most complicated relationships; fraught with love, fear, jealousy and joy. No other bond is as strong or as long-lasting. We read about it in Greek mythology, Freudian psycho...

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Brooklyn Heights Blog

Waiting for Ganesh at The Brooklyn Artists Gym

Last Saturday night, April 4, I jumped on the F train, got off at Smith and 9th for The Ganesh Experiment at The Brooklyn Artists Gym. Down a dark street and over the Gowanus Canal, I found myself at ...