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My wheelhouse: art, design, health, tech, politics and pop culture. Award winning writer + feminist scholar. #Binders

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The 'Shared Economy' Artist Collective: Should Artists Pay for ...

The 'Shared Economy' Artist Collective: Should Arti...

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My Life As A Migraineur

A journey into the migraine with observations from Oliver Sacks.

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Weight Training for Women is Awesome

Weight training keeps women strong in mind/body

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The High Cost of Art Competitions: Is It Worth It? - Artrepreneur

Should artists have to pay to have a career?

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Fighting Cancer Is Not Always Hope and Ribbons, and That's OK

There needs to be room for everyone's story

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Full Grown People

The Changeling

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Artrepreneur by Orangenius

Interview with Marc Zegans: A Creative Career Coach Outlines a Strategy for the Working Artist

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BEDLAM Literary on

Content Producer and Designer for a new story-telling platform. BEDLAM Literary celebrates alt-lit in Brooklyn, Seattle, Portland and on the internet

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People Called Me Mrs. David Bowie

A tribute to the Starman.

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The 21st Century Workforce and What It Wants

Branded Content

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The Daily Beast

Saints and Strangers: The Mayflower Families Today

Saints and Strangers: The Mayflower Families Today

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The Birds: Never Ignore a Crow – ENTROPY

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Cornelia Street Culture Blog

Web Designer and Editor.